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Post-punk trio Low Blows release the cathartic new single "Normal"

Spanish post-punk trio Low Blows release the cathartic new single "Normal" The post-punk trio based in Barcelona/Spain, Low Blows, just released their new single "Normal" on all streaming plarforms. "Normal" - talks about wanting to be authentic and different in a society hijacked by mass culture, appearances and trends.

The powertrio has influences ranging from The Cure to The Soft Moon, incorporating electronic sounds and shoegaze guitars. They believe in creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. They are romantics, existentialists and although somewhat sad, the band seek to be fierce and cathartic.

"In general I'm the main composer of the core of the tracks and then the guys do the arrangements, guitars and drums. But lately we've been improvising a lot during rehearsals and making song all together and out of scratch. When it comes to lyrics, I'm the writer. We want to criticize society, its policies and the culture of the masses. We are also existentialists and we are interested in questioning life, its meaning and/or emptiness." - says Carlos Vergara.

More news will come this year, including the release of a new single - "Go!" - produced by Matteo Vallicelli of The Soft Moon and our second LP, scheduled for late 2024.


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