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Prog Metal Band Exodus Rising Unleash Hell With Revamp Short Film Music Video "Armageddon"

Prepare yourselves for a visual and auditory assault like never before as EXODUS RISING, the masters of metal mayhem, unleash their re-brutalized short film music video for “Armageddon” straight from the fiery depths of The Book of Revelation.

In this epic journey through biblical chaos, witness the raw power of Lucifer loosing his grip on humanity as Jesus Christ leads the charge against the forces of darkness, fueled by the unyielding love and righteousness that ignites the very essence of the Holy Spirit. Brace yourselves as EXODUS RISING takes you on a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride of redemption and savage destruction.

“This is not your grandmother’s biblical tale,” warns lead vocalist and visionary, J Slate. “We’ve stripped away the façade of tradition to reveal the brutal truth of Armageddon – a battle for the soul of humanity.”

Shot straight from the pits of Hell, this revamped and re-brutalized short film music video is a testament to EXODUS RISING’s unrelenting commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistry and storytelling. Are you prepared to face Armageddon head-on? Don’t miss out – Ride the rails and join the fight for your soul and hit that play button!

“Armageddon” is the last installment from EXODUS RISING’s sixteen song epic “THE BOOK OF LIFE,” set to redefine the metal genre and leave audiences clamoring for more. As pioneers of progressive heavy metal, Exodus Rising has positioned themselves at the forefront of their craft with this red-hot single. Bands and music enthusiasts, take heed. Exodus Rising has proven that a captivating introduction is crucial to capturing attention, and their promise to reshape the Progressive Metal scene is backed by their powerful and dynamic sound.


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