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Revo is the official urban air mobility platform of SPFW

- Revo – a digital urban mobility platform that combines air and ground transportation, supported by artificial intelligence – has just landed in the fashion world. The company announces sponsorship for SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week), Brazil's largest event in the sector and the most important in Latin America in this segment. With this news, Revo will provide airborne transportation of guests attending both editions this year. The first edition, running from April 10 to 13, will be hosted at Iguatemi São Paulo and JK Iguatemi malls. The second edition of SPFW is scheduled for October 16 to 20.

"It is with immense pleasure that Revo will facilitate the connection between guests and the main highlights of the Brazilian fashion scene during the four days of the fashion show. The service offered by the company is in complete synergy with the event, providing all the safety, comfort, and high standards inherent to SPFW," says Patrícia Dib, Marketing Director of Revo.

 In addition to promoting a new way of getting around in large urban centers, Revo has as one of its pillars ensuring that customers have unique experiences with each flight. The goal is to make air mobility a seamless part of lifestyle and the company's culture enchants passengers, with various initiatives throughout the year, such as the partnership with SPFW.

About RevoLaunched in August 2023, Revo currently operates routes from São Paulo. Targeting the high-income audience, Revo's service offers several other distinctive features such as first-class service, ground transportation in executive cars, exclusive lounges and hosts, a proprietary technology platform with artificial intelligence for booking via app or concierge, twin-engine helicopters, dual crew, and the highest industry safety standards.

Revo is part of the multinational group of Portuguese origin, Omni Helicopters International (OHI), a leader in air mobility solutions in Latin America. With a fleet of around 90 helicopters, OHI conducts over 1,500 flights per week and safely transports more than 700,000 passengers annually. In Brazil, OHI owns Omni Táxi Aéreo, which has been operating for over 20 years.


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